Current Students

Current Researchers

  • Dr. Zahra Eghdesadi
  • Krishna Iyengar
  • Dr. Lijia Luo


Former Group Members

Dr. Max Fahrenkopf
(Ph.D. 2014)
Current Position:
Thesis: Optimization, dynamics and stability of non-linear separation processes
Dr. German Oliveros
(Ph.D. 2014)
Current Position:
Thesis: Modeling and stability of the horizontal ribbon growth process
Dr. Rocco Panella
(Ph.D. 2013)
Current Position:
Dr. Juan Du
(Ph.D. 2012)
Current Position:
Thesis: Stability and inventory control of particulate processes with applications to solar silicon and crystallization
Dr. Juhua Liu
(Ph.D. 2011)
Current Position:
Thesis: Decentralized robust frequency control for power systems subject to wind power variability
Dr. Michael Wartmann
(Ph.D. 2010)
Current Position:
Thesis: Process network optimality
Dr. Mohit Aggarwal
(Ph.D. 2009)
Current Position: AirProducts, Allentown, PA
Thesis: Stability Analysis via Invariants in Thermodynamic Process Systems
Dr. Eduardo J. Dozal-Mejorada
(Ph.D. 2008)
Current Position: Senior Research Engineer at Shell, Houston, TX
Thesis: Adaptive Control with Supervision
Dr. Yuan Xu
(Ph.D. 2008)
Current Position:
Thesis: Analysis of Thermodynamic Equilibrium Processes
Dr. Kendell R. Jillson
(Ph.D. 2007)
Current Position:
Thesis: Chemical Process Networks: Stability and Optimality
Dr. Christy M. White
(Ph.D. 2007)
Current Position: Heat Transfer Research Inc. (HTRI) at College Station, TX
Thesis: Modeling for Design and Control of Particulate Systems
Dr. Dimitrios Gerogiorgis
(Ph.D. 2004)
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow - MIT, Boston
Thesis: Multiscale Modeling of a Novel Aluminium Production Process
Dr. Vianey Garcia-Osorio
(Ph.D. 2003)
Current Position: Modeling and Simulation Engineer, Process Automation Unit, Chevron Energy Technology Company
Thesis: Modeling of Distributed Simulation of Carbothermic Aluminium Process Using Recording Controllers
Dr. Martin G. Ruszkowski
(Ph.D. 2003)
Current Position:
Thesis: Passivity-Based Control of Transport-Reaction Systems: Application to Silicon Production
Dr. Edgar Perea-Lopez
(Ph.D. 2002)
Current Position:
Thesis: Supply Chain Management Based on Dynamic Optimization and Control
Dr. Jennifer Hsu Hill
(Ph.D. 2002)
Current Position: ExxonMobil at Torrace, CA
Thesis: Adaptive Control and Optimization With Unknown Disturbances
Dr. Duncan Coffey
(Ph.D. 2001)
Current Position:
Thesis: Chemical Process Networks: Stability and Control
Dr. Chad Farshman
(Ph.D. 1999)
Current Position: Optimization group leader at Owens Corning in Toledo, OH
Thesis: On the Stabilization of Process Systems Described by the Laws of Theomodynamics
Dr. Richard Chan
(2007 — 2014)
Current Position:
Dr. Sudhir Ranjan
Current Position:
Dr. Keyu Li
(Postdoc 2007 — 2009)
Current Position: Industrial Learning Systems
Thesis: Modeling, Simulation and Control of Periodic Systems used for Combusting Greenhouse Gases.
Dr. Chengtao Wen Current Position:
Dr. Jin Wang
(Postdoc 2001 — 2003)
Current Position: Professor, University of West Virginia
Xin Liu
(MS 2014)
Thesis: Design of an Adaptive Controller Using MIT Rule
Hsin Pang
(MS 2014)
Thesis: Modeling and Control of Tubular Reactor
Boya Shi
(MS 2014)
Thesis: Control and Simulation of Distillation System Guided by Systematic Control Theory. A Case Study of Purge Distillation Column
Xiangan Li
(MS 2014)
Yichun Sun
(MS 2013)
Thesis: Adaptive Control and Implementation in Simulink
Chih-Wei Chu
(MS 2011)
Thesis: Certainty equivalence adaptive control with inherent robustness
Ruochen Liu
(MS 2011)
Thesis: Modeling and control of a novel silicon wafering process
Ranjit Ramanathan
(MS 2010)
Thesis: Recording controller in de-centralized simulation of process networks
Zhaojia Lin
(MS 2009)
Thesis: Modeling and Simulation of Equilibrium Staged System
Simon Markowski
(MS 2009)
Thesis: Decentralized Simulation Utilizing Recording Control
Marshad Ghodke
(MS 2008)
Thesis: Kinetic modeling and parameter estimation of Semi-Batch, Free radical polymerization
Siddarth Raman
(MS 2008)
Thesis: Modeling and control of continuous free radical polymerization
Vishnu V.R. Chapalamadagu
(MS 2007)
Thesis: Dynamic Modeling of Gasifie for Integrated gasification combined cycle
Luis Felipe Tavares
(MS 2003)
Thesis: Considerations on Thermodynamics and Stability
Bambang Adiwijaya
(MS 1996)
Thesis: Real Time Optimization of Chemical Processes: A Passivity Approach

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