Erik Ydstie

Carnegie Mellon University
Department of Chemical Engineering
5000 Forbes Avenue
Doherty Hall, Room 2208B
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

W: 412-268-2235
F: 412-268-7139
Secretary:  AudreyTerrell

Education History

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering
Imperial College, University of London, England
Thesis: Robust Adaptive Control of Chemical Processes
Advisor: Professor R. W. H. Sargent, Dept. of Chem. Eng.
B.Sc. and M.Sc., Chemistry
Norwegian Institute of Technology, Norway 
Thesis: Application of Astrom's Self-tuning Regulator 
Advisors:  Professor D. Q. Mayne, Dept. Elec. Eng. 
                    Professor L. S. Kershenbaum, Dept. Chem Eng.

Academic Experience

2007 - present Professor of Electrical Engineering (by courtesy), Carnegie Mellon
2007 - present Professor II, Electrical Engineering, NUST, Trondheim, Norway
2001 - 2005 Professor II, Materials Technology NUST, Trondheim, Norway
1992 - present Professor of Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon
1988 - 1992 Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts
1982 - 1988 Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, University of Massachusetts
Industrial Experience
2005 - 2007 CTO and founder of iLS Inc.
2000 Chairman of the Board, Solar Grade Silicon, Oslo, Norway
1999 - 2000 Vice President of R&D ELKEM ASA, Oslo Norway
1981 - present Corporal in Cavalry Regiment, Norwegian Army
1980 - 1981 Research Assistant, Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, Oslo, Norway
2007 Speaker at the Keenan Symposium, MIT, Mech. Eng.
2007 Computing and Systems Technology Award of CAST Division of AIChE
2006 Roger W. Sargent Lecture on Process Systems Imperial College, Dec.
2005 Distinguished Lecturer,  University of Alberta
1993-1999 Associate Editor, Automatica
Advisory Boards and Review Panels
  2007 US Department of Energy
  2004 - present American Chemical Society, Petroleum Research Fund, Washington DC
  2004 - present Worchester Polytechnic Institute, Dept Chemical Engineering
  1996 - present National Science Foundation Review Panels
Consulting - Technical
  2005 - present Emerson Power and Water (Power plant control)
  2003 - present REC LLC, Moses Lake WA (Solar grade Silicon)
  1999 - present ALCOA, Inc. (New Generation Aluminum Processes , NGAP)
  1997 - 1998 KODAK, Image Aquisition Systems, (space based telescopes)
  1992 - 2005 PPG Industries, GTC,(Float glass and Windshield control)
  1989 - 1992 Martin-Marietta Aerospace, (TITAN IV booster stabilization)
Consulting - Management and Legal
  2002 - 2003 Heller and Ehrman, San Francisco, Expert Witness, Patent Litigation
  2001 - present ALCOA Inc. Research planning
  2000 - 2006 ELKEM Metals ASA, R&D Organization and programs
Academic Visiting Positions
1983 Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czechoslovakia
Aug 1988 - Jan 1989 University of Newcastle, Australia

Feb-Jul 1989,
Jun-Jul 1993

Ecole des Mines de Paris, France
Jan - Mar 1993 Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, Minneapolis, USA
Apr - Jun 1997 Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Current Research Interests
Nonlinear and adaptive control
Process networks, distributed simulation and control
Integration of business, IT and Process Systems Engineering
Professional Affiliations
2003 - present Round Table Group
1995 - present Engineering Society of Norway
1993 - 1999 Associate Editor, Automatica
1992 - present American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Founder, iLS Inc, May 2005
B. Erik Ydstie, Apparatuses, Systems, and Methods Utilizing Adaptive Control, PCT/US05/20863, Application, May 2005.
List of Key Publications (full list available here)

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